Have automobiles Hurt or Harmed the World?

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Automobiles are considered one of the greatest inventions of mankind, and in my opinion, it is true but only to a certain extent. Automobiles come with a lot of advantages that did make a strong impact on our daily lives but along with that, it also brought a few serious disadvantages that cannot be overlooked.

To start with, automobiles are highly versatile by nature, and whether we use it to go to

an automobile. In other words, automobiles can be a great addition to our lives in in one way or the other.

However, even in the face of these advantages, we cannot say that automobiles are all good and no bad. Automobiles emit carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and other harmful gases into the atmosphere, resulting in unrestricted air pollution. On top of that, automobiles can be the source of unwanted sound pollution—a serious matter nowadays. In recent scientific studies, it has been found that constant exposure to noise can lead to adverse side effects in health such as cardiac problems, nervous problems, etc. In fact, too much noise can make one feel fidgety, dizzy, or nauseous. What’s even overlooked is that too many automobiles cause frequent traffic jams to nullify its primary premise of fast transportation. To add to that, more traffic can seldom be the cause to higher road accidents as well.

In conclusion, while automobiles are an important part of our lives, they have not really improved modern life. In fact, if we consider the fact that every time we step into a car, we are jeopardizing our health by adopting an unhealthy medium of transportation, we will come to realize that automobiles are a form of necessary evil which do perhaps more bad than good.

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